Friday, January 6, 2017

Will 2017 be the year?

Everyone is abuzz about the New Year. "What will it hold?" "This will be a great year!" "It's all down hill from here...." are some of the comments I have heard.
One thing I hope to see soar will be my coming on-line yarn shop. I also hope to finish an few craft projects. And to find happiness in everything.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I am so thankful for my family. I am also thankful for the small changes I am starting to see in Americans. Christmas lights are starting to reappear! There is a little more optimism in a lot of people and that is a great thing to be witnessing. I hope this path continues.

Monday, August 24, 2015

First day of Junior year

Today, Bailey went back to school. We were not ready for summer to be over! Well, other than, she is excited about showing season. She is not a morning person and I was really shocked that she did make it up and out the door early enough to tend Oxley and be ready for school with no hassle.
  She did meal prep Sunday for her lunches. That alone really made me realize how mature she is. I know all parents feel this way but, Where did my baby go!?! I really hope we can make that a habit. I seemed to go smoothly and I know once it get back to work I will need to meal prep.
 The animals all seem to be adjusting well to our time changes and it is already starting to get dark earlier so the chickens are putting themselves up before we are even done and down to their coop. All is well on  our little farm and i hope this is a pattern we can set for all year long.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

More tea than water: a lazy Sunday

Today we went to church and haven't  done much else. I have laid in bed drinking tea and watching old movies. I did play with the new app Periscope while making a cup of tea. That is a really cool app! If you do not know about it, you film yourself in real time and people can talk to you through text. I have watched a celebrity do a chat with his fans also. Very neat.
I am still trying to make my way through the book Bloodlite but I find myself scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Bloglovin' I really need to get on the ball though, I think I am around 6 books behind in my Goodreads yearly challenge. Good grief, I even find myself on Goodreads instead of reading lately. It sounds like I need to unplug and read.
Hope you have had a great Sunday. What are you putting off by reading through my Blog?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lets be the people that do not so random acts of kindness!

  The other day after I had loaded my groceries into the truck, I went to put my cart into the cart return. There was another lady almost finished putting her sacks into her truck and I asked if I could take her cart for her. She lit up and thanked me 2 or 3 times. It was something so simple, yet we do not do it enough!
  I realize life is fast paced and we all have someplace or something looming over our next step, but a few seconds of kindness can go a long way, not only for the person who receives it, but the person who gives it. I know it felt wonderful to know I brought a smile to another person's face with a tiny gesture and it made me want to continue! I ask that you all try it too. Be kind to one person, then another, and another until these are "not so random" acts of kindness. I promise it will make you feel a lot of joy along with making the world a more cheerful place. This is day 1 of the rest of your life!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

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Our little farm is growing.

Oxley saying good morning
 Texas is August is hot! It has been dry and very hot this summer, around 100 most days since the first of August. This week we have had a bit of a cool down.  We have taken advantage of it in a big way. We finished some fencing and moved our chickens from a smaller coop into a larger coop, where they can free range during the day.
 As we finished up the last of it yesterday evening my husband asked me to go let Oxley, our daughters FFA goat, out into the main pasture to explore. He had a blast! and enjoyed meeting the chickens and ducks and even the rabbit he had only seen from a far. He followed us around like a puppy and even played with Remington our Texas Heeler.
 I think Remington thinks Oxley is a weird dog and visa versa!  They are a lot of fun to watch together and think they became fast friends on their exploits
 Last summer Tim started a pond in the pasture and it is still holding water, Not much though, a little over 2 foot in the deepest. We have had a ton of frogs born in it though. Our ducks seem to think they are made for deeper, larger ponds and until we finished this fence we had no way of making sure they didn't wonder. We sadly, even lost two. But now that the fencing is complete we trimmed their wings and now they can either play in the pond of we have a couple of small kiddie pools for them to splash around it. They are not sure about being kept from the woods but love the pool and treats we toss them to keep them happy! One of our roosters even seems to pal around with them more than the hens. We are happy that they are safer.

Stevie, Dot. Squeaks and Clover exploring
An egg laid during the move
 When we first got chickens I had eight total, We are now up to 15 with plans to get more when it cools down. We are hoping to have around 30 at all times.  We eat the eggs and despatch them for our food. We did have the original chickens in a coop behind our house and the others in a coop in the pasture which was larger. We wanted them all in the larger pasture coop and want the one behind the house to be a nursery/hospital for a few at a time. So we started the migration yesterday, as the sun came up we let all of the chickens loose in the pasture, letting them spend the day together. They had all met before, some of the ones in the newer coop being from the first chickens. but after becoming moms, moved with their chicks. Since the day went well we moved most into the larger coop for roosting. All but 5 were happy with the change. They slept on the tractor! Even the horse that lives in the pasture next to us was excited to watch the changes.
Watermelon shoots ( I think!)
Daredevil the Rooster and our neighbor the horse
All in all it was hot, we worked hard but we really enjoyed watching the live here on our little farm! Now to get to work on the garden. I did notice that even though Tim has tilled under the watermelon, we have some trying to come back I sure hope they make it. We didn't get but a couple before they got choked out by weeds and the drought killed off the first vines. We need to get started on a few fall crops though.